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What is the cron expression in Quartz Scheduler to run a program at 12 am every midnight GMT. I have never used quartz before so I am still learning... Is the expression 0 0 12 * * ? or is that for 12 pm (noon). Could anyone please tell me.

Thank you, Have a nice day :)

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1 Seconds 2 Minutes 3 Hours 4 Day-of-Month 5 Month 6 Day-of-Week 7 Year (optional field)

So in your case:

0 0 0 * * ?

This will fire at midnight, if you want to fire at noon:

0 0 12 * * ?

Or both:

0 0 0,12 * * ?

A good page if you want to get more complicated: http://www.quartz-scheduler.org/documentation/quartz-2.x/tutorials/tutorial-lesson-06

Have an awesome day!

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