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How would I say that if a UITextField has @"-" in it, do something. Right now my code is like this. It doesn't seem to work:

if (MyUITextField.text == @"-") {
    NSRange range = {0,1};
    [a deleteCharactersInRange:range];
    MyUITextField.text = MyUILabel.text;

I know that I am doing something very wrong with the code. Please help.

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try changing == to [MyUITextField.text isEqualToString:@"-"]

as == tests to see if they are the same object, while isEqualToString compares the contents of the strings.

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This checks if you input the string "-" and will return false if you put in say "foo-bar". – RCIX Jul 11 '09 at 8:43

Assuming your string is defined as:

NSString *str = @"foo-bar";

To check if your string contains "-" you can do the following:

if ([str rangeOfString:@"-"].length > 0)
    NSLog(@"Contains -");

It looks like you wanted to delete the first character if a string starts with a given character. In this case you can do something like this:

if ([str hasPrefix:@"f"])
    NSLog(@"Starts with f");
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