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I need my buttons to return their column and row values when clicked. I've tried to code but not worked.

my_button = ttk.Button(mainframe)
my_button['command'] = return_func(my_button.grid_info()['row'])
my_button.grid(column=1, sticky=(W, E))

I'm creating buttons automaticly, so col and row values are changing. How can I fix it?

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When you write return_func(inpt.grid_info()['row']), you are executing return_func with that argument. You don't want to do this.

Instead, use lambda: return_func(inpt.grid_info()['row']) to create a container function for your function call. That way, the lambda function executes your function when it is called.

Another way of doing this would be like so:

def command_function():

my_button['command'] = command_function

I haven't worked with tk enough to tell if you need to pass in an argument, so that might also be a problem for you.

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lambda worked for me thank you. –  Hzyf Jun 21 '12 at 6:05

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