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i had a problem on confusing how to put ontouch inside my coding because i want it function on ipad, below is my code

    <script language="javascript">
function sig1()
    if(sig == null)

code for clear the line in canvas

<body id="main_body" class="no_guidelines" onload="sig1()" onmouseup="bodyonmouseup">

to let the canvas had fillstyle color and function

<canvas border=1 id="myCanvas" height=200 width=400 onmousedown="onmousedown()" onmouseup="onmouseup()" onmousemove="onmousemove()">Your browser does not support the application</canvas>

canvas that can draw line like signature

var sig = null;
      var ele;
      function bodyonmouseup(e)
    var ele;
    ele = document.getElementById('myCanvas');
    ele.isDown = false;
function onmousedown(e)
    var ele,p;
    if (!e) e = window.event;
    ele = (e.srcElement);
    if (! ele) ele =;
    ele.isDown = true; 
    ele.context = ele.getContext("2d");
    ele.context.lineWidth = 1;
    sig.line = new Array();

    p = new Object();
    p.x = e.offsetX;
    p.y = e.offsetY;

    sig.p = p;
    sig.line[sig.line.length] = p;
    sig.lines[sig.lines.length] = sig.line;
function onmousemove(e)
    var ele,dx,dy,p;
    if (!e) e = window.event;
    ele = (e.srcElement);
    if (! ele) ele =;
    if (! ele.isDown) return;
    dx = e.offsetX - sig.p.x;
    dy = e.offsetY - sig.p.y;
    if (dx == 0 && dy == 0) return;
    sig.p = new Object();
    sig.p.x = e.offsetX;
    sig.p.y = e.offsetY;
    sig.line[sig.line.length] = sig.p;

So i want to know if i want keep both onMouse and ontouch, how i put the ontouch so that the canvas can be draw on ipad?? please help, it is urgent

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here my html signature(, have a look and hope you all can give me a help – newbie Jun 22 '12 at 3:29
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Use this js. Your finger will be your mouse. They are converting all touch events to mouse events.


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thanks man, but i still can draw it on ipad or android phone after i input those javascript – newbie Jun 21 '12 at 8:35
can you give me a example by using the code i gave? because it not function on me...thanks again – newbie Jun 21 '12 at 8:53
add <script src="jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js"></script> this line. it will work. I think you need to put your codes on . People can help you, easily.. – Muhammet Göktürk Ayan Jun 21 '12 at 12:01
i think the touch-punch is just using jqery ui, but i just want it function in canvas. – newbie Jun 22 '12 at 0:50
ok..thanks alot for your information – newbie Jun 25 '12 at 9:02

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