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Currently when I look at my posts via the GraphAPI: https://graph.facebook.com/me/posts/

Some posts have their "story" parameter truncated like this (note the ... after the word toe,):

"id": "xxxxxxxxx_yyyyyyyyyyyyy", 
  "from": {
    "name": "zzzzzz", 
    "id": "1234567890"
  "story": "\"those things pivot at the toe,...\" on XYZ's photo.", 
  "story_tags": {
    "39": [
        "id": 11111, 
        "name": "XYZ", 
        "offset": 39, 
        "length": 22, 
        "type": "user"

The above is a comment on a photo within facebook, so the graph api ids=http://.... approach that I have seen elsewhere on SO does not work. When I try to pass in the id to the comment table via FQL I get no data returned. I have all the appropriate permissions in the access token.

Overall what I am trying to achieve is a way to get everything a user has written/typed on facebook recently, so I need:

1.status updates - achieving this via:

select time, message from status where uid=me()

2.check ins - still working on this

3.comments on photos or working on other peoples status - still working on this and the reason for this post

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did you ever get anywhere with this? this is driving me nuts. also, do you know how you get what the object (photo/status/whatever) it is the person was commenting on? – Mike K Jul 12 '12 at 10:08
@MikeK - sorry mike - no progress or responses from here – AussieInSeattle Jul 13 '12 at 18:08

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