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I have executed service broker within same instances with success. But recently I started exploring Distributed Service broker application between multiple instances without any success.

I have created two instances(both are Developer Editions) in two different systems within my domain, when I send a message from one instance to another, its not sending to receiving/target instance. When I check sys.transmission_queue, I get transmission_status as below:

An error occurred while receiving data: 
'10054(An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)'.
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Attach Profiler to the other instance (the one that is closing the connection 'forcibly') and monitor for the Audit Broker Login class. It will trace the reason why it refuses the connection (most likely CONNECT permission is missing on the endpoint).

Also running ssbdiagnose should reveal the issue:

ssbdiagnose runtime connect to -S <machineA> connect to -S <machineB>
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