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I have 2 projects in a single solution. I have a button in 1st project and i have to write event for that in 2nd project. There is no reference b/w 1st and 2nd but the 2nd project having reference with project 1. Can we able to do that using Delegates and events?

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In the project which has the button, make the button and the form public, then in the other project, add a reference to that project and you can use

whateverProject.whateverForm.whateverButton.Click += MyEventHandler;
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Yes you can. you must follow these steps : right-click Project2 and select Add Reference then under Projects select Project1.

you must use this code at the top of the Project2 source file :

using Project1;  // for replacing Project1 with the namespace of your Project1

now you must get and set. for example you have lable and textbox so you must you these codes :

public string TextBox1_text    
            get { return TextBox1.Text; }           
            set { TextBox1.Text = value; }          

    public string lable1_text       
        get { return label1.Text; }           
        set { label1.Text = value; }          
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