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Is there any option in vimeo javascript api to play a video using videoId? Player is already loaded. I've got that option in youtube and dailymotion.

here is the functions( youtube and dailymotion api).

function onYouTubePlayerReady() {
    ytplayer = document.getElementById("player");
    ytplayer.addEventListener("onError", "onPlayerError");

//play a video by Id

this.PlayVideo = function (videoID) {

function onDailymotionPlayerReady(playerId) {
    dmplayer = document.getElementById("player");
    dmplayer.addEventListener("onError", "onPlayerError");

//play a video by Id

 this.PlayVideo = function (videoID) {

In vimeo api I've got the player using below function

function vimeo_player_loaded() {
    vimeoplayer = document.getElementById("player");

vimeoplayer.api_play() will play the current video. But I want to load another video using videoId with out reloading the player.

Please help me if anyone know an option to play a video using videoId. thanks in advance!!

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