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I have 6 years of experience of application development in mobile platforms such as j2me, blackberr, android, iphone etc. I would like to have a training on wireless technologies/protocols such as 3g, 4g. How can i get into protocol stack development/testing related jobs which can add values to my previous experience too. need your valuable advices.

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The answer for this question is not an objective one, ideally you will get some totally different answers, all having a valid point and it will be difficult to choose the best from these.

If I were you I would try to make some very small and very simple jobs at the very start to get some experience. I would begin with some basic work at home to be prepared for small but real jobs and from there on I would make bids on freelancer websites for smaller projects from this kind. Once you have experience doing this you can get bigger projects or long time jobs.

Of course you should also read a lot of articles in the area and you should also look at tutorials at youtube.

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