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I have two arrays and I post the arrays in one input;

<input name='sistem[]' type='hidden' value='$items[$count]|$staff[$z]' />  
   // $count and $z are index

After post, how do I extract them into two separate arrays again?

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Like this?

$items=new Array();
$staff=new Array();
foreach($_POST['sistem'] as $item){
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foreach ($_POST['sistem'] as $key => $value)
   $tmp = explode("|", $value);
   $items[$key] = $tmp[0];
   $staff[$key] = $tmp[1];
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Two things: If it's actually just a hidden input field, why don't you make it into two fields in your code? Or, even better, store it in the session so that there is no chance a malevolent user can't change the value on the field on submitting the request to the web server?

But to answer the question directly:

$parts = explode('|', $_REQUEST['sistem'][0]);

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I'm not sure its the best solution, but one solution could be to prefix your values

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