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I want to sum columns.

In my controller

         def index
          @performance_reports = PerformanceReport.all

My error:

       undefined method `+' for #<PerformanceReport:0x4a55690>
74:         <td><%=  @performance_reports.sum(:clicks)%></td>

What is wrong ?

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 @performance_reports = PerformanceReport.select('*')

in views

<td><%=  @performance_reports.sum(:clicks)%></td>

basically PerformanceReport.all will load whole table and return Array of PerformanceReport you can't chain queries on Array!!!

PerformanceReport.select('*') will return ActiveRecord::Relation and you can chain any AR method on relation

i suggest you read rails lazing loading strategy Lazy loading (will_paginate sample) and Rails Query Interface

Awesome Rails

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This sum is an ActiveRecord method so you cant use it on already selected objects! What ypu can do:


because then the Database is queried!

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