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I have the folowing maven POM structure

  • Libraries
    • LibraryProject1
    • LibraryProject2
    • LibraryProject3
  • Components
    • Comp1
      • Comp1Project1
      • Comp1Project2
      • Comp1Project3
    • Comp2
      • Comp2Project1
      • Comp2Project2
      • Comp2Project3
  • Applications
    • AppProject1
    • AppProject2
    • AppProject3

Using maven project-info-reports, I can easily generate the dependency management for each AppProject.

But, I would like to generate a reports giving the dependencies between parent POM's. That is which version of Comp1, Comp2 and Libraries is used to build Applications. The reason for this is that each group of project is tagged together and has the same version. (to make it more readable for managers...)

If not a complete solution, any hints or pointers on how to accomplish this are welcome.


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Is this a multi-module build for all these artifact in a single source tree ? –  khmarbaise Jun 21 '12 at 9:01
@khmarbaise Yes, Libraries, Comp1, Comp2 and Applications are multi-module projects. –  PeeWee2201 Jun 21 '12 at 10:50

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