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I was just wondering if someone has worked on Vmware Gemfire and came out with its key architectural principles and design principles. Lets say you have an OLAP application, where Vmware Gemfire could help?

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This white paper walk through most of the important principles and concepts - GemFire Technical white paper

Though, there is no support for OLAP extensions in its querying language, you can do interesting things by modelling arbitrary object collections that would be rather difficult with relational. And, it supports a distributed parallel function execution API (kinda Map-reduce) that can be used to built custom OLAP capabilities.

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Thanks, I understand the design principles with the help of white paper but how is it different than other existing In memory data grid solutions like Coherence or Gigaspaces. Because all these features are available in the above mentioned products as well. What are the key differentiators that clearly isolates Gemfire from other products. – BigDataGeek Jun 27 '12 at 4:51

You might have already seen these but just in case below are some more interesting resources:

Solving Hard Data Problems and the Modern Data Management Book

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