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I am trying to set the default Django error handler for the django-cms and cmsplugin-zinnia, but for some reason I am not able to ovveride it.

At the moment each time I type in non-existent URL I get the default error message:

"Zinnia's Blog Just another Zinnia weblog. / Error 500 "

My settings.py configuration is:



and url.py

urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),
url(r'^i18n/', include('django.conf.urls.i18n')),
url(r'^', include('cms.urls')),


if settings.DEBUG:
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'sitemap.xml/$', 'django.contrib.sitemaps.views.sitemap', {'sitemaps': {'cmspages': CMSSitemap}}),
    url(r'^media/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve',
    {'document_root': settings.MEDIA_ROOT, 'show_indexes': True}),
    url(r'', include('django.contrib.staticfiles.urls')),
    url(r'^weblog/', include('zinnia.urls')),
    url(r'^comments/', include('django.contrib.comments.urls')),
) + urlpatterns

any suggestions ?


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Maybe something wrong with the url order: try urlpatterns += patterns(...) in if settings.DEBUG: –  iMom0 Jun 21 '12 at 9:07

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I think that you can solve your issue, by creating your own 404.html and 500.html templates.


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