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I have a table row and I would like to get a box with some text coming up when you mouseover certain cells. The popup must be where the mousepointer is at.

So for example you mouseover a cell and you get a longer description of its contents.

Whats the quickest way to approach that?

I have tried example 7 in this link: http://swip.codylindley.com/DOMWindowDemo.html#inlineContentExample7

but I keep getting a

Sizzle.error = function( msg ) {
    throw "Syntax error, unrecognized expression: " + msg;

error coming up in the jquery.js the popup does show, but then VS errors.

I am using jquery 1.7.2

Here is the code that calls it:

   <p><a class="example7DOMWindow" href="#inlineContentExample7">mouseover DOM Window</a></p> 
<script type="text/javascript">
    function () {
            height: 226,
            width: 207,
            positionType: 'anchored',
            anchoredClassName: 'exampleWindow7',
            anchoredSelector: '.example7DOMWindow',
            windowSourceID: '#inlineContentExample7',
            positionTop: -226,
            positionLeft: 40,
            loader: 1,
            loaderImagePath: 'animationProcessing.gif',
            loaderHeight: 16,
            loaderWidth: 17,
            windowBGImage: 'windowBG.gif',
            windowBGColor: 'Red',
            borderSize: 0,
            windowPadding: 0
    function () {
        $.closeDOMWindow({ anchoredClassName: 'exampleWindow7' });
<div style="display: none;" id="inlineContentExample7"><p style="padding: 10px;">Example 7 window.</p></div>
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try this link or this link,this is the solution

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why don't you use plugin for this. these are really awesome even light weight.

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