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Can somebody please tell me about getters and setters in javascript? What are actually getters and setters? Where we can use them? What are the benefits of using them?

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Generally, getters and setters are used for Object Oriented Programming in Javascript.

Typically, in a class, there are some attributes, a constructor, getters and setters.

Attributes represent properties of a class

Constructor creates an instance of a class

Getters help to retrieve the attributes of an object

var name = cat.getName();

Setters help to manipulate the attributes of an object.

eg. cat.setName('Kathreen');

Read more about OOP in Javascript to find out more.

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Getter and setter both are functions.

Getter will call when a value is retrieve from variable/object(which has Getter) Getter function must return value.

var i=count;

if the count's getter is already defined, it will call.

Setter will call when a value is assign to a variable/object(which has Setter)


if the count's setter is already defined, it will call.

take a look at this example so that you can easily understand the use of Getter and setter

How to get notified within an object when one of that object’s property changes?

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You might use a getter or setter if you want to put conditions on the setting/getting of a property value, or have something else happen when they are set/got.

You may also find the MDN documentation on the Mozilla proprietary set and get operators helpful:

  1. Working with objects—Defining getters and setters
  2. set operator
  3. get operator
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