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My javascript code runs fine in Chrome, however if I keep 'Developer Tools' open I get an error

Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'find'

and the javascript code stops working.

Here is the page.

It is a Chrome specific problem.

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Am not getting the error with Chrome v19.0.1084.56... –  vellvisher Jun 21 '12 at 8:54
Could you post the relative code? –  xdazz Jun 21 '12 at 8:56
@vellvisher even i'm using ver 19.0.1084.56 m, try keeping your dev tools (ctrl+shift+i) open before loading the site. –  Bart Simpson Jun 21 '12 at 8:59
@xdazz :) I wasted 2 hrs trying to get rid of the problem before I finally stumbled on to the solution. this is the main js file -bit.ly/M8gI98 and chrome shows error in jQuery 1.7.1 –  Bart Simpson Jun 21 '12 at 9:01
@user461844 I don't get any error with chrome. –  xdazz Jun 21 '12 at 9:03

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