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Any idea how to add smiles/images in UITextView? For displaying them I am using the Three20 library with the custom UILabel, but is there any way to add them in UITextView as well? I am interested in editing the field, adding text and images.

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\ue415  \ue056  \ue057  \ue414  \ue405  \ue106  \ue418
\ue417  \ue40d  \ue40a  \ue404  \ue105  \ue409  \ue40e
\ue402  \ue108  \ue403  \ue058  \ue407  \ue401  \ue40f
\ue40b  \ue406  \ue413  \ue411  \ue412  \ue410  \ue107
\ue059  \ue416  \ue408  \ue40c  \ue11a  \ue10c  \ue32c
\ue32a  \ue32d  \ue328  \ue32b  \ue022  \ue023  \ue327
\ue329  \ue32e  \ue32f  \ue335  \ue334  \ue021  \ue337
\ue020  \ue336  \ue13c  \ue330  \ue331  \ue326  \ue03e
\ue11d  \ue05a  \ue00e  \ue421  \ue420  \ue00d  \ue010
\ue011  \ue41e  \ue012  \ue422  \ue22e  \ue22f  \ue231
\ue230  \ue427  \ue41d  \ue00f  \ue41f  \ue14c  \ue201
\ue115  \ue428  \ue51f  \ue429  \ue424  \ue423  \ue253
\ue426  \ue111  \ue425  \ue31e  \ue31f  \ue31d  \ue001
\ue002  \ue005  \ue004  \ue51a  \ue519  \ue518  \ue515
\ue516  \ue517  \ue51b  \ue152  \ue04e  \ue51c  \ue51e
\ue11c  \ue536  \ue003  \ue41c  \ue41b  \ue419  \ue41a
\ue04a  \ue04b  \ue049  \ue048  \ue04c  \ue13d  \ue443
\ue43e  \ue04f  \ue052  \ue053  \ue524  \ue52c  \ue52a
\ue531  \ue050  \ue527  \ue051  \ue10b  \ue52b  \ue52f
\ue528  \ue01a  \ue134  \ue530  \ue529  \ue526  \ue52d
\ue521  \ue523  \ue52e  \ue055  \ue525  \ue10a  \ue109
\ue522  \ue019  \ue054  \ue520  \ue306  \ue030  \ue304
\ue110  \ue032  \ue305  \ue303  \ue118  \ue447  \ue119
\ue307  \ue308  \ue444  \ue441           
\ue436  \ue437  \ue438  \ue43a  \ue439  \ue43b  \ue117
\ue440  \ue442  \ue446  \ue445  \ue11b  \ue448  \ue033
\ue112  \ue325  \ue312  \ue310  \ue126  \ue127  \ue008
\ue03d  \ue00c  \ue12a  \ue00a  \ue00b  \ue009  \ue316
\ue129  \ue141  \ue142  \ue317  \ue128  \ue14b  \ue211
\ue114  \ue145  \ue144  \ue03f  \ue313  \ue116  \ue10f
\ue104  \ue103  \ue101  \ue102  \ue13f  \ue140  \ue11f
\ue12f  \ue031  \ue30e  \ue311  \ue113  \ue30f  \ue13b
\ue42b  \ue42a  \ue018  \ue016  \ue015  \ue014  \ue42c
\ue42d  \ue017  \ue013  \ue20e  \ue20c  \ue20f  \ue20d
\ue131  \ue12b  \ue130  \ue12d  \ue324  \ue301  \ue148
\ue502  \ue03c  \ue30a  \ue042  \ue040  \ue041  \ue12c
\ue007  \ue31a  \ue13e  \ue31b  \ue006  \ue302  \ue319
\ue321  \ue322  \ue314  \ue503  \ue10e  \ue318  \ue43c
\ue11e  \ue323  \ue31c  \ue034  \ue035  \ue045  \ue338
\ue047  \ue30c  \ue044  \ue30b  \ue043  \ue120  \ue33b
\ue33f  \ue341  \ue34c  \ue344  \ue342  \ue33d  \ue33e
\ue340  \ue34d  \ue339  \ue147  \ue343  \ue33c  \ue33a
\ue43f  \ue34b  \ue046  \ue345  \ue346  \ue348  \ue347
\ue34a  \ue349                   
\ue036  \ue157  \ue038  \ue153  \ue155  \ue14d  \ue156
\ue501  \ue158  \ue43d  \ue037  \ue504  \ue44a  \ue146
\ue50a  \ue505  \ue506  \ue122  \ue508  \ue509  \ue03b
\ue04d  \ue449  \ue44b  \ue51d  \ue44c  \ue124  \ue121
\ue433  \ue202  \ue135  \ue01c  \ue01d  \ue10d  \ue136
\ue42e  \ue01b  \ue15a  \ue159  \ue432  \ue430  \ue431
\ue42f  \ue01e  \ue039  \ue435  \ue01f  \ue125  \ue03a
\ue14e  \ue252  \ue137  \ue209  \ue154  \ue133  \ue150
\ue320  \ue123  \ue132  \ue143  \ue50b  \ue514  \ue513
\ue50c  \ue50d  \ue511  \ue50f  \ue512  \ue510  \ue50e
\ue21c  \ue21d  \ue21e  \ue21f  \ue220  \ue221  \ue222
\ue223  \ue224  \ue225  \ue210  \ue232  \ue233  \ue235
\ue234  \ue236  \ue237  \ue238  \ue239  \ue23b  \ue23a
\ue23d  \ue23c  \ue24d  \ue212  \ue24c  \ue213  \ue214
\ue507  \ue203  \ue20b  \ue22a  \ue22b  \ue226  \ue227
\ue22c  \ue22d  \ue215  \ue216  \ue217  \ue218  \ue228
\ue151  \ue138  \ue139  \ue13a  \ue208  \ue14f  \ue20a
\ue434  \ue309  \ue315  \ue30d  \ue207  \ue229  \ue206
\ue205  \ue204  \ue12e  \ue250  \ue251  \ue14a  \ue149
\ue23f  \ue240  \ue241  \ue242  \ue243  \ue244  \ue245
\ue246  \ue247  \ue248  \ue249  \ue24a  \ue24b  \ue23e
\ue532  \ue533  \ue534  \ue535  \ue21a  \ue219  \ue21b
\ue02f  \ue024  \ue025  \ue026  \ue027  \ue028  \ue029
\ue02a  \ue02b  \ue02c  \ue02d  \ue02e  \ue332  \ue333
\ue24e  \ue24f  \ue537   

check this link for the respective images http://www.easyapns.com/iphone-emoji-alerts

U can use any of the above character set like... [TextViewVar setText:@"\ue333"];

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What if I want to customize the emoji with my own icons? is this possible? – Catalin Jun 21 '12 at 18:37
@Catalin refer this link for more details quora.com/iOS-Development/… – Ravi Jun 22 '12 at 6:08

Use this code

 [aboutBni setText:@"\ue415"]
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duplicate answer – A-Live Dec 29 '12 at 12:21

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