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In rml reports how can i change the current page number format from page:1 ,page:2 etc to something different. For eg:

page:1/2 in the first page and

page:2/2 in the second page...

how can i do this ? i am using openerp6.0 currently i use the following code in the company page in the openerp interface to get the page number.

<drawCentredString x="18.5cm" y="1.5cm"> Page: <pageNumber/></drawCentredString>
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Sounds like it might be related to this old reportlab question. – Don Kirkby Jun 21 '12 at 18:08

This works for my OpenERP version 6.1.1

Changes was done in my Ubuntu server at:


Then restart openerp-server with following command:

sudo service openerp-server restart
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my problem got solved just applied the below patch.

# HG changeset patch
# Parent 3fda5d5bbae001d42c56b5281e56fb2be0c8aa58
[FIX] use real page count for <pageCount/> flowable

diff --git a/bin/report/render/rml2pdf/ b/bin/report/render/rml2pdf/
--- a/bin/report/render/rml2pdf/
+++ b/bin/report/render/rml2pdf/
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
 def draw(self):
     self.canv.setFont("Helvetica", utils.unit_get(str(8)))
-        self.canv.drawString(0, 0, str(self.canv.getPageNumber()))
+        self.canv.drawString(0, 0, str(self.canv._pageCount))

class PageReset(platypus.Flowable):
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