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Is there any Tcl function to add escape character to a string automatically?

For example, I have a regular expression


After I call the function, I get


After being called again, I get


I remember there's such function with some script language, but I cannot recall which language it is.

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The usual way of adding such escape characters as are “necessary” is to use list (% is my Tcl prompt):

% set s {[xy]}
% set s [list $s]
% set s [list $s]

The list command prefers to leave alone if it can, wrap with braces if it can get away with it, and resorts to backslashing otherwise (because backslashes are really unreadable).

If you really need backslashes, string map or regsub will do what you need. For example:

set s [regsub -all {\W} $s {\\&}]
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The list command constructs lists that are also “substitution-free” commands (i.e., no surprises from reading variables or running commands). –  Donal Fellows Jun 21 '12 at 9:38
Both of them work for me. The 2nd one adds '\' for every word, which looks a little odd. –  Yorkwar Jun 25 '12 at 6:10

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