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I know we should all respect Intellectual Propery and stuff, but regarding non-free fonts, has anyone here had any experiences in being sued for font piracy or something similar? (considering that with something like Font Squirrel you can use on a webpage any font, regardless of license, in matter of minute)

The problem is that I have a client whose business website, developed by someone else, does what could even be called "shameless hardcore font piracy", and I don't really know if it's worth mentioning this to them (generally speaking their business practices don't give a rotten egg on IP in general, and I don't mean web and software related issues - don't ask!). The thing is that I've come across this with other, more well-behaved (IP wise) clients, and I've never known how to handle this from a client <-> consultant relationshio point of view....

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Find a lawyer.... –  duffymo Jun 21 '12 at 9:41

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Personally, when I run into that problem with my own clients I make sure to mention it to them. I make sure to not sound accusing, I just bring it up briefly and let it drop. That way, if something happens I can honestly say that I advised them of the issues and my own rear end is covered.

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I was actually hoping to hear about actual experiences about companies that actually got sued for this or something related. Anyway, making sure your ass is covered is the only sound reasoning on this and it's what I'll keep doing probably, so I'll mark this as an answer ...as good as so is, it's definitely not the place to get legal advice:D –  NeuronQ Jun 25 '12 at 7:33

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