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I have a URLs table. They contain

(id int primary key, url character varying unique, content character varying, last analyzed date).

I want to create trigger or something(rule may be), so each time i make insert from my java program, it updates some single row if row with such URL exists. Else it should perform an Insert.

Please, can you provide a complete code in Postgresql. Thanks.

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possible duplicate of POSTGRESQL INSERT if specific row name don't exists ! – juergen d Jun 21 '12 at 9:49

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This has been asked many times. A possible solution can be found here:

This solution requires both an UPDATE and INSERT.

UPDATE table SET field='C', field2='Z' WHERE id=3;
INSERT INTO table (id, field, field2)
       SELECT 3, 'C', 'Z'

With Postgres 9.1 it is possible to do it with one query:

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