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I have downloaded some GTFS data from It is a zip file containing some text files such as stops.txt, trips.txt etc.

Now I would like to save that data in an SQLite database but am not sure how to do so. I did download GTFSImporter from but I am not sure how to run it.

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This will depend on what you want to do with it.

I've done it two ways - the simple way, and the more complex way.

The simple way is to load the data in directly column for column, row for row. Like this:

The more complex way is to use Graphserver and its "GTFSDB", which I think is really just an sqlite db.

I've done both of these procedures with 131500's data before.

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I know this is a really old answer, but what's the advantage of using graphserver? – chopchop Apr 9 '13 at 23:23

Here's a fast 2 command line method. Install querycsv with your favorite python installer (sudo pip install querycsv will work). Then to create a sqlite file named db.sqlite run -i routes.txt -i trips.txt -f db.sqlite -k "select * from routes limit 1"

Add as many of the gtfs tables as you need with more -i <table>.txt arguments. (The sql statement there is a little oddball, any legal sql statement will work, you aren't selecting what is imported. You do need a no op statement though.)

The tables will get the filenames of the csv files and the header rows will import as the table column names automatically.

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