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I can't access the CGPDFPageRef and CGPDFDocumentRef of my ReaderControllerView from my ContentViewController. I declared them under @public in my header file like this:

@interface ReaderContentPage : UIView{
    CGPDFDocumentRef _PDFDocRef;
    CGPDFPageRef _PDFPageRef;

And I try to access them like this:

ReaderControllerView *theReader = [ReaderControllerView alloc]init];

theReader._PDFPageRef //OR

It will not show up. However, I can access the other iVars with no problem whatsoever. So it really bugs me why can't I access the two variables. Anyone can tell me why? Thanks.

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you declared CGPDFDocumentRef _PDFDocRef; CGPDFPageRef _PDFPageRef these variables in ReaderContentPage class and trying to access them by creating object of ReaderControllerView class how is it possible?

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lol yeah he must have either typed it wrong or got the concepts wrong..! – Lalith B Sep 27 '12 at 6:32

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