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i make a Crystal report of product code which is displayed as user selection. if user select two product at a time from Listbox then in report both product and their rate is display only.

now, i want to add sub report for when user click on Particular Product their entire info. is displayed in sub report. there is a product_code for product to identify.

so, how can i achieve the sub report link for display the info. that user click on main Report.

Please Help Me.

Thanks and Regards... MItesh

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Try this

Right click on crystal Report Insert -> Sub Report -> Give a name of sub report and then and then go through wizard.

enter image description here

After completing the wizard go to link tab and add link between two reports usually its on a common column between two reports.

enter image description here

try this it will work for you.

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if this question resolve your problem then mark this answer thanks –  Asif Jun 25 '12 at 4:30

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