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I have searched for this topic but I could not find a satisfying answer. I need open source software, only, and prefer php/mysql because that is quick.

I want to set up a social network,
a/ each topic shall have a survey/quiz, like a page:
ab/text text text
ad/diagram of survey results
ae/talk (posts/like-its)
b/ that is: the possibility to integrate a survey/quiz must be given. I have tried elgg 1.8 (easy to install and use) and the simple_survey 1.7, it works fine but it is: simple. Say, I would like to have, additionally cvs export .. but I may think I can figure out how to get the data.

1/ not sure if the elgg/simple_survey solution is the best. Limesurvey is excellent, but then I had to add the social network. Could you please share your experiences which solution might be best for my issue? (given php/mysql and OS)
- may it be better to go for another, or have Limesurvey/ extra?

2/ If I go for elgg, I want:
- admin sets up the topics, and for each topic I have: a survey/quiz, and a post-list.
- everybody can add (no login needed) to the blog.
- to do the survey, users must be logged-in.
- if possible, small diagram or nice chart for the survey results per topic. but seems that most surveys have that anyway.

Thank you very much for your help. Also link references are highly appreciated. Please tell me what is best for my purpose. Thank you.

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All these things can be implemented in Elgg. But it requires a lot of coding hours. If you are ready to spend some time on coding and learn the ElggAPI's then its your best solution. If you are looking for a ready made solution for this in Elgg, unfortunately no plugin exists for that need. Better ask these type of questions in the Elgg community forum itself.

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Thank you very much for your comment and time to answer, yes, that would be the solution using elgg and learning the APIs. But, how about a solution not to use elgg, or, to use elgg (or another SNW) and only to include a survey (e.g. limesurvey) - would that be the better choice? In case that someone would share experiences, I would be very grateful. Thank you and best regards – user1471837 Jun 27 '12 at 3:27

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