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I have two programs, one which accepts an Image as a matrix and does the processing like tracking objects using contour detection.The second program takes image as an array(IplImage) and counting no. of objects.But I want to merge these programs to count as well as track these objects.How can I merge them ?

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duplicate? Does that answer your question? – KobeJohn Jun 21 '12 at 11:51
possible duplicate of converting cvmat to iplimage – karlphillip Jun 21 '12 at 12:36

In the following code left is CvMat, left1 is IplImage. In this way you can manually convert cvmat to IplImage.

for (int y=0;y<height1;y++)
                   uchar* leftdata=(uchar*)(left->data.ptr+y*left->step);
                   uchar* left1data=(uchar* )(left->imageData+y*left1step);
               for (int x=0;x<width1;x++)

or here is another link How to convert a Mat variable type in an IplImage variable type in OpenCV 2.0?

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