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In my Python application I have some GtkMenuItems (associated with the main GtkMenuBar), and some GtkMenuToolButtons inside my GtkToolbar.

- gtkMenuBar1
   - gtkMenuItem1
      - gtkMenuItem2
      - gtkMenuItem3
- gtkToolbar1
   - gtkMenuToolButton1

By default, gtkMenuToolButton1 is obviously empty. I want to do something like


But if I do that (inside finish_initializing() of my window), nothing changes. I'm new to Python and Gtk3. What am I doing wrong?

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You have to add a Gtk.Menu object to the menu tool button, not a Gtk.MenuItem.

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Check the examples in Python Gtk3 Tutorial

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Thank you! That's a useful website –  danieleds Jun 21 '12 at 21:15

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