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I'm using Jasper Report to generate reports in pdf format in my apex application. i want to email this generated pdf file.

Imagine there is a button as Make Report. when user click this button, pdf file should create and send that created pdf file with email.

I know process to create pdf file using Jasper Report. i can implement that part in my oracle apex application. but how could i email pdf file after generating ?

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I don't have jasper reports, but if you have made it work already: can you call it and get a report back in say a BLOB?

If yes, then using apex_mail can help you, since it provides the ADD_ATTACHMENT procedure, which takes a blob as input.

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isn't there any way to email pdf file directly ? –  Bishan Jun 22 '12 at 7:02
I don't know - I'm not a jasper reports wizard. I assume it is somehow possible, attested by a quick google search, to set up some form of mailing from the jasperreport server, though i'm not sure how you'd pass on the mailto-info, or if this is possible without using some scheduler. You'd have to ask jasper experts. Although the send_mail way seems rather nice, i'm also unsure of best-practices in this case. –  Tom Jun 22 '12 at 8:00

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