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I am looking to store a JSON file locally on IOS/Android in a Phonegap(Cordova) application.

Basically, I retrieve a JSON file from the server ($.GETJSON) and I want to first store the JSON file and then retrieve and modify it.

I've looked at FileWriter but I don't see a mimetype... the only example gives text files.

Thanks in advance!


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why do you need mime type to store json? the data in this case will be stored in a plain text formate only – dhaval Jun 21 '12 at 11:34

Nick, just use FileWriter.write to save your JSON data to disk. JSON is a text based file anyway so there is no need to set the mime type. When you are ready to load the file again use FileReader.readAsText. In your "onloadend" handler of the FileReader the method will be called with an event and will be your JSON data. Then you'll do a

var myJson = JSON.parse(;

to turn the text into a JSON object.

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for some reason gives me not plain 'json' file but with \r\n at each line and JSON.parse fails on that. How to deal with that? – 31415926 Nov 12 '14 at 12:29

(for template or default settings) I just store them in seperate constant files so i don't have to use any special file utility addons or commands, super easy:

          "user_prefs_save_cloud": true         
          "lname": '',
          "telephone": '',
          "email": ''       

Then in your app: (after injecting 'settings_json')

var settings = angular.fromJson(settings_json);
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This is actually a very good idea! – axtscz Dec 25 '15 at 18:09

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