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I'm having problems with the MonoTouch/iOS translation feature. I have English and German translation files (Localizable.strings) in the en.lproj and de.lproj folders, both files are set to Build Action = Content.

The problem is, only the English translation works on both the simulator and the device. The German translation does not work, neither on the device nor on the simulator.

I tried all of the following:

  • Clean and Rebuild
  • Deleted the app on the simulator/device, changed the language to German, rebooted the simulator/device, reinstalled the app
  • Restarted MonoTouch, restarted my Mac
  • Combinations of these

What am I missing? How to "instruct" MonoTouch to switch to the UI language of the device? How to debug errors like these?

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Solved it, the problem was that the German file contained umlauts and was not encoded in UTF-8. If you have the same problem, just convert the files to UTF-8 and try again.

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