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Hi I have a site with areas and this

url localization strategy.

and i have a problem using the mvc3sitemapprovider (Also by marteen...). The nodes are explicitly defined, the sitemap is perfectly shown when i put:

@Html.MvcSiteMap().Menu(false, true, true)

but the Bredcrums path does not appear when sometimes:


In the pages where the sitemappath is not display, the view and routeData are correct (the page is properly displayed) and the data of the node are also correct. Here a sample:

<mvcSiteMapNode title="$resources:URL, LinkSolPerso" clickable="false" >

  <mvcSiteMapNode  title="$resources:URL, LinkInteg" area="soluciones_personalizadas"  controller="integracion"  action="Index" />

    <mvcSiteMapNode  title="$resources:URL, LinkServOfre" area="soluciones_personalizadas" controller="proyectos"  action="servicios-ofrecidos" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode  title="$resources:URL, LinkTrabRea" area="soluciones_personalizadas" controller="proyectos"  action="trabajos-realizados" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode  title="$resources:URL, LinkObtPres" area="soluciones_personalizadas" controller="proyectos"  action="obtener-presupuesto" />

  <mvcSiteMapNode  title="$resources:URL, LinkSolPerso" area="soluciones_personalizadas" controller="formacion"  action="Index" />

  <mvcSiteMapNode  title="$resources:URL, LinkPromPat" area="soluciones_personalizadas" controller="promociones_patrocinios"  action="Index" />


The issue is that i do not know what can be happening (the nodes are correct as they are displayed in the sitmap...) nor the best way to debug...


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I do not know what was wrong. But for saving your time I should tell that I have fixed it dowloading the source code from the project (before I was using the nuget package) and referencing it. Doing this way everything runs perfect.

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