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In PHP I am going to edit some entity let say a project named: ABC this projects belongs to many countries while adding this project I used <select multiple="multiple"> and store all selected countries in a projectCountries table. Now when I start editing this project so I use same logic with a little change:

  1. populate all countries from countries table
  2. fetch all countries from projectCountries table which are associate with projectId

and I got two arrays:

Array ( 
    [0] => Array ( [countryId] => 1 [countryName] => Pakistan ) 
    [1] => Array ( [countryId] => 2 [countryName] => China ) 

output from step-1


Array ( 
    [0] => Array ( [pcId] => 1 [countryId] => 1 [projectId] => 1 ) 
    [1] => Array ( [pcId] => 2 [countryId] => 2 [projectId] => 1 ) 

output from step-2

but I am confused how to show that country named China was already associated with the project (already selected in <select multiple="multiple">)

because to create <select multiple="multiple"> I used foreach loop. Now I could not guess how to compare two arrays in foreach loop so that I set selected="selected" in <option>.

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Iterate over all countries and check if that country exists on the projectCountries output array.

Something like this:

$pc_list = array();
foreach($project_countries as $pc) {
    $pc_list[] = $pc['countryId'];  

foreach($countries as &$country) {
    if(in_array($country['countryId'], $pc_list)) {
        $country['selected'] = TRUE;
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Great thanks buddy. ;) – PHP Ferrari Jun 21 '12 at 12:32
Thanks @Filype it works like a charm – Muddasir Abbas Sep 30 '15 at 7:03

Option 1: Run the foreach loop for step1. In every iteration you could iterate through the second array and check if there is a country with the current id (from the first loop).

Option 2: Change your SQL-Query to something like that (with a join for example):

CountryId CountryName ProjectId
1 Pakistan 1
2 China 1
3 Germany null

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