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The following events are called when transitioning from page A to page B:

  • pagebeforechange
  • pagebeforeload
  • pagebeforecreate
  • pagecreate
  • pageinit
  • pageload
  • pagebeforechange (yes, again)
  • pagebeforeshow
  • pageshow
  • pagechange

I'd like to stop that chain of events at some point to load some dynamic data via AJAX and then restart the chain of events to show a fully complete page.

Is that possible?

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No. Unless you do something like run a loop in a handler bound to one of those events... in which case you might most likely end up with an unresponsive script.

You could either invoke changePage as last step of your Ajax success handler. Or you could transition to the target toPage and show a loading animation until your Ajax returns.

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