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I'm currently going through our asp.net pages to implement globalization.

However the task of adding globalization to the asp text is boring and error-prone. This can be obviously automated! The kind of replacement I wanna do is as follows:


<asp:Label ID="whatever" runat="server" Text="This is the text" />


<asp:Label ID="whatever" runat="server"
    Text="<%$Resources:ResourceName, This is the text%>" />

Tags finishing with Text, Message, Title or ToolTip should be replaced. For example:

<asp:Control ID="whatever" runat="server" HeaderText="Header"
    ErrorMessage="You did it wrong">

Should become:

<asp:Control ID="whatever" runat="server"
    HeaderText="<%$Resources:ResourceName, Header%>"
    ErrorMessage="<%$Resources:ResourceName, You did it wrong%>">

One exception is that empty text should not be globalized.

I want to use the Visual Studio search-replace function with regex.

Thanks in advance.

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I managed to do it myself..

Find what:


Replace with:

\1="<%$Resources:ResourceName, \2%>"
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