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I am trying to use the Raven.Client.Embedded.EmbeddableDocumentStore (Build 960) in a Unit Test project, like this:

private IDocumentStore CreateDocumentStore()
    var store = new EmbeddableDocumentStore
            RunInMemory = true,
            Conventions = new DocumentConvention
                    DefaultQueryingConsistency = ConsistencyOptions.QueryYourWrites,
                    IdentityPartsSeparator = "-"
    IndexCreation.CreateIndexes(typeof (RavenIndexes).Assembly, store);
    return store;

I installed the following RavenDB components via NuGet:

  • RavenDB.Embedded
  • RavenDB.Client

The code above fails because it cannot locate the Raven.Database assembly. To fix this I installed the RavenDB.Database package via nuget as well. This added a whole stack of stuff I didn't want, which is to be expected given the nuget description of this package:

Use this package if you want extend RavenDB. Don't use this package if you just want to work with existing RavenDB server, in order to so just use the client API which is in the RavenDB.Client package.

Now when I try to uninstall the RavenDB.Database package using NuGet it tells me I cannot:

Uninstall-Package : Unable to uninstall 'RavenDB.Database 1.0.960' because 'RavenDB.Embedded 1.0.960' depends on it.

So what to do? Do I mess up my NuGet purity and manually remove all the unused references (RavenDB.Smuggler etc) from my unit test project leaving only the RavenDB.Database reference? Or have I gone amiss somewhere? Surely the EmbeddableDocumentStore does not require me to install the entire RavenDB.Database package.


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Embeddable depends on Database because when you're running Embeddable you're running the whole database server engine within your app and the Database package contains that engine.

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OK, that makes sense. Perhaps there could be a slimmed down NuGet package for those who just want to run an in-memory database (for unit-testing typically) as opposed to have all the bells and whistles. –  biofractal Jun 21 '12 at 23:32

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