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i am able to authenticate a fb user by opening a new window, so it can post on his wall. I am using HTML 5 web app in order to make it but my share button doesn't work in iPhone. It doesn't open a new window.

I need it in the way that clicking on share button opens a dialogue box(not new window) on the same page and user share image etc. I saw an application which does so but that one is native iPhone app, but i want it using web tools HTML 5 js.

Any help will be highly admired.

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I've seen Facebook shares in iframes, and that may help you. For an example, try doing a Facebook share on LivingSocial -- they use iframes rather than new windows for the action. (ex.

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dear they using new windows – Mujtaba Haider Jun 21 '12 at 12:55

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