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We have hundreds of object in an AWS S3 bucket which don't have content disposition set.

I'm using Ruby aws-sdk gem.

How do you add or change content disposition to these objects, WITHOUT re-uploading the files again?

I have tried

obj.write(:content_disposition => 'attachment')
obj.copy_from(obj.key, :content_disposition => 'attachment')

and also copy_to(), move_to(), but none of these seem to work in adding the content disposition to the objects. In a few cases, the objects don't seem to have been modified at all (the modification time didn't change), in other cases, the object file is corrupted!

I'm aware of the alternative of using :response_content_disposition when requesting the s3 object via HTTP, which sets the Content-Disposition header,

obj.url_for(:read, :response_content_disposition => "attachment")

Thank you!

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We found the solution by changing the aws-sdk source code.

In s3/s3_object.rb

add the following lines to copy_from() (similar to how :content_type was handled)

if options[:content_disposition]
    copy_opts[:content_disposition] = options[:content_disposition]
    copy_opts[:metadata_directive] = "REPLACE"

also, in s3/client.rb

add the line marked below

object_method(:copy_object, :put,
                    :header_options => {
                    :copy_source => 'x-amz-copy-source',
                    :cache_control => 'Cache-Control',
                    :metadata_directive => 'x-amz-metadata-directive',
                    :storage_class => 'x-amz-storage-class',
                    :server_side_encryption => 'x-amz-server-side-encryption',
                    :content_type => 'Content-Type',
                    :content_disposition => 'Content-Disposition', # add this line here
                }) do

Once you've done the above, you can do the following to add content disposition to your existing object:

obj.copy_from(obj.key, :content_disposition => 'attachment', :content_type => 'image/png', :acl => :public_read)
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