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I have a scenario where i will connect to a remote machine and execute a command (priorietery) in expect which it gives an ouput. I am checking the exact pattern and if it is success i need to open a file which is created by the above command which got executed.

I need to go the specififed directory and open the file and parse the same for which i am using expect with tcl and the code is mentioned below

#!/home/pub/bin/expect -f
spawn telnet 23 
expect "login name:"
send "administrator\r"
expect "password:"
send "Administrator1@\r"
expect "Windows NT Domain:"
send "\r"    
expect "C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator>"
send "\r"
expect "C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator>"
send "x -j Y -a run -d\r"
sleep 60
expect "ZZ"

****if {[string match *Z* $expect_out(buffer)]} {
        send "dir";} else {
    puts "Script failed";

Here the script is executing till the string match and when success the next command send "dir" is not executed.

If i replace the logic as below i am getting the echo statement but instaed if i want to execute some other command after if it is not succeeded.

**if {[string match *Z* $expect_out(buffer)]} {
        puts "Script passed";} else {
    puts "Script failed";

I hope the problem is clear and i am trying all the ways but not succeeded..

Thanks in advance, Kamesh.

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Sending the dir together with newline would fire the command:

send "dir\n"

The command now gets executed but the output may not be seen (printed by script to stdout) until subsequent expect match. To flush it immediately (say for script debugging) use: set timeout 1; expect; expect *.

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