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I am experimenting with Fancybox to provide a modal login for a site hosted on the Wild Apricot online membership system.

Restyling remains to be done, but there is a major flaw in the way the box displays in IE8 (it's fine in FF, Chrome, & Opera). There should be an opaque circle with an X in the top-right corner of the box; in IE8 only the part of the circle that overlaps the box is visible - the rest is cropped.

An earlier question jQuery fancyBox Closing icon produced one suggestion, (misapplied overflow:hidden) but changing the two instances I could find in the various CSS files made no difference.

The page is here: www.eastmidlandsletb.net. To launch the box click on the link "Login & manage account" below the main menu.

I am assuming this is some IE CSS glitch, but it's beyond my knowledge level. How can I make it work in IE?

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Simple solution: delete fancybox_sprite.png. –  hnmcc Jun 21 '12 at 21:16

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Your page does not have a valid DOCTYPE.

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Set by the CMS, over which I have no control. Is this a possible cause? –  hnmcc Jun 21 '12 at 13:35

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