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I want to join two tables in one of my linq query. I have written one code but it gives me an error like below

The method 'Join' is not supported.

I have tried this code:

var query = (from ls in this.testEntities.abc
                     join itm in this.testEntities.edf on ls.ID equals itm.ID
                     where itm.val == param
                     select new

Am I missing something? If anyone have any idea about it than please help me...

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possible duplicate of How to do join operation on service side in WCF Data Services – onof Jun 21 '12 at 13:46

WCF Data Services is able to directly expand related objects based upon the Entity Data Model. (Don't worry about it if you don't know a lot about an EDM; it's not particularly important to the answer.) Since WCF Data Services is already aware, for instance, that a Product has a Category, I can fire up LinqPad, give it this URL, and issue a query like the following:


The result is two products, each with a property of type Category.

I'm not really sure what that translates to in the other LINQ syntax, sorry.

HTH, Mark

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