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Is there a way to get the client screen size in a web application? I need to write a web application using JSP/Servlets that will be used by different types of clients (I mean cell phones, iPad, laptops, etc.). I read on more links from here, like this ones:

but taking in account that there is no standard way to detect the device type, I started to think if isn't a better solution to decide the page that will be served based on the screen size.

So, my question: is there a way to detect the screen size in JSP/Servlets?

N.B. I read also about CSS3 capabilities - media queries, but I think that I need something else as long as I will need lesser content in the page in cell phone case. I also think that taking a decision based on the screen size, is an easier choice.

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I think that I found the answer to my question. Take a look at this web posting, especially Client-Side Device Detection with Screen Size and/or Device Features paragraph.

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