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I am new to android development . I'm trying to download and run the iosched 2011 source code for HoneyComb. And, I looked in most of the forums, and not been able to understand what to do . So, if anyone of u guys could give a step by step process for downloading and running on eclipse locally , I would be very greatful.

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If you're trying to import the code into Eclipse, try out this link:

Download Eclipse

Download and install Mercurial Plugin (

Download and install Android SDK

Eclipse : Import -> Mercurial -> Clone using existing Mercurial repository -> (your local mercurial repository)

Eclipse : 'Disable' Project -> Build Automatically

Eclipse : New -> Android Project -> 'check' Project from existing source -> Browse -> 'local repository' iosched ~> android -> done

"Project name is actually HomeActivity" - can change during project creation

Eclipse : Project right click -> Build Project

"Huge number of errors"

Eclipse : Project right click -> Android Tools -> Add Compatibility Libraries

"Will see some things going on on Console Window" (internet connection required)

Eclipse : Project right click -> Build Project

"Possibly 6 errors" - errors due to Google Analytics lib not included in build path

Download Google Analytics SDK from

Eclipse : Configure Build path by including libGoogleAnalytics.jar

Eclipse : Project right click -> Build Project

Run iosched ...........

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Thank you so much for the quick resonse. And it works – khadkara Jun 22 '12 at 5:00

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