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If you use the Mylyn task focus UI, the package explorer shows sourceFolder/package/fileName/classTypeName/methodName for any class in the context of an active task. Is it possible to remove classTypeName and methodName and show only all entities up to their fileName ?

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I don't generally need the structure inside the Java file, so I just disable that in the Package Explorer completely. To do that:

  • go to the View menu (the little triangle)
  • choose "Filters"
  • check "Java Members"

Unfortunately, this doesn't work in Project Explorer.

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Thanks for this handy tip, those expanded class innards really got on my nerves! One addition: I had to uncheck the package explorer's Mylyn button ("Focus on active tasks") to be able to edit the filters (Eclipse Indigo). Afterwards I could re-enable it. –  ChrAfonso Oct 15 '12 at 23:44
+1 on tip to use package explorer and not project explorer –  HDave Aug 29 '13 at 5:16

You can uncheck "Window -> Preferences -> Mylyn -> Context -> Auto expand tree views when focused", this may help to some extend.

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