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I'm trying to match various conditions inside one backend, like this:

acl rule1 hdr_dom(host) -i ext1
acl rule2 utl_beg /img
default_backend back-server-http if rule1 and rule2

but, how can I put this "and" between the two rules?

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You don't need to use the word "and" between the two rules. It's implicit.

Source: http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/1.5/doc/configuration.txt in Section 7.2

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Yes, this is the solution:

acl rule1  hdr_dom(host) -i www.uno.es  hdr_dom(host) -i www.one.com
use_backend uno.com if rule1
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How can a request have both hosts? It seems impossible that this ACL could ever be matched. –  UpTheCreek Mar 5 at 10:32
Yes, you can, its the same if you add contidions to the same acl inside different lines. –  Rikr Apr 10 at 9:54
I see. That's pretty useful then - thanks. –  UpTheCreek Apr 10 at 13:16
the answer example doesn't match the question example: for the question would it be something like this: acl rule1 hdr_dom(host) -i ext1 utl_beg /img? –  Thayne Jun 1 at 23:30
@Thayne - see the examples here: github.com/langpavel/haproxy-doc/blob/master/version-1-4-19/tex/…. Given what you've written I'd expect that to work. –  slm Jun 10 at 0:30

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