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I have two data sets that I want to graph, some share the same X-axis values some do not.

Data Set 1

X         Y
9:30:29   5
9:31:00   6
9:32:00   7

Data Set 2

X         Y
9:30:29   4
9:31:03   3
9:32:00   2
9:33:01   1

I want to graph Data Set 1 and Data Set2 in an area graph, so Data Set 1 and 2 will share X-axis point 9:30:29 and 9:32:00

What I am running into is when I graph the second set, it basically overlays the Y data on the same X axis points from Data Set 1.

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  1. Make sure you use an XY Scatter chart type (not Line).
  2. Make sure you add the second series' X values as well as its Y values.
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