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I am an IT student. I have following architecture related question.

"Design a holiday booking system. Customers should be able to book hotel rooms online for holidays by giving dates and destination (country, city, hotel).

Customers must pay by credit card to make a booking (Use is a separate third party payment gateway for this).

The system should be extend-able in future to include flight and travel bookings.

Much other details were provided.(<==This part we have to assume)"

Question is not very informative, I know. But we can assume anything not clear.

Can it be done with client server architectural pattern? Can you suggest a suitable architectural pattern for this? Specially to provide extend-ability?(Very much appreciated if you can provide some useful article on this) Need to identify what system aspects I should consider when designing such a system. (I know security and scalability, any other non functional requirements?) Also I need to identify the missing information that could be critical in designing the system. If you can point out some resource I could use that is most appreciated.

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Good questions, but far too broad for SO. What have you tried so far, any concepts already available? Btw: if this homework please add the homework tag! – home Jun 21 '12 at 17:33

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since booking would be shopping following link might help you!

Found another one to do this with webservices but dosent hv uml :)

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this article shows how to implement a solid layered web architecture. Give it a try:


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