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Recently I was queued to receive the ActiveState debugger on my machine at work. In the past, I have developed and debugged my perl code in eclipse with the padwalker module installed.

When I run the debugging module now, it tries to launch activestate's debugging utility (which I don't have a license for).

I am not extremely proficient with eclipse, however I did try and look around in the debug launch settings in order to eliminate this, to no avail.

I also removed the reference to ActiveState within my environmental variables, again with no luck.

Anyone know the solution?

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So I found out that ActiveState includes a registry entry that starts up the ActiveState debugger upon calling the debug session.

By going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perl in the registry and removing the entry PERL5DB entry, this fixed the problem. I made a backup copy in the REG_SZ for the future when I will likely be asked to use the perl dev kit...

I found the fix here.

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