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I have a c# app that connects to FedEx webservices, and want to print a shipping label on a thermal Zebra printer. I request the response to be in ZPLII type and save that response to a .txt file. I have talked to Zebra and FedEx and they both say that this should work. I use a generic print driver to connect to the zebra printer and still the printer is printing out tha actual characters of the txt file, not converting it into a label. Are there any characters that I am missing that FedEx does not automatically iunclude - like maybe a 'start print' , 'end print' character? Or does anyone have any idea to get this txt that I am recieving from web services to print? here is ZPLII response:

^FO224,10^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD(408) 986-4804^FS

I cut out the middle, I think the begining and end are the important parts, since the printer is not converting this text into a label

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It turns out my ZPL II code is fine. If anyone else comes across this , as far as I know - from what everyone has told me you cannot connect to a clients printer to send raw data to it from a c# web site or from any c# web app. The solution is to use either a java applet, flash, or silverlight to connect directly to the clients computer. I used jZebra java applet that communicates with jQuery front end and c# back end.

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jZebra is an awesome tool that integrates into my project. I love it. I was searching for HOURS to figure out how I was going to use this printer and this was the exact answer I was looking for. Because this is an administration tool, this was exactly what I needed. – Brandon Bearden Nov 4 '12 at 2:53
Late, late comment incoming. You can do this by implementing a RawPrinterHelper class. See here: . You just need to call the RawPrinterHelper and send the bytes to it. – Ryan Carlisle Mar 25 '15 at 16:35

I usually just send the raw data to the printer port as a fileCopy (I.E. Filecopy "c:\Label.txt" \computer\printersharename)

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