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I understand the process of setting up URLs for someone to get a report from BI and passing parameters BUT - how can I query the repository to find out if a user has permissions to a certain folder/report beforehand? (yes... we're still at 10g). To clarify a bit more - we're using SSO and embedding the dashboard page in an iframe works great - they now want to see if we can put the list of reports available to a user in a "widget" style item on the page.

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First idea, OBIEE gives the possibility to add a list of report from a directory in a dashboard. Then may be that you can create a simple dashboard page and call it with the dashboard URL. I think that the user permissions are automatically applied.

Second idea, Presentation Services (Dashboard and answers) gives a web service API: You can query what you want and see all permissions.

Cheers Nico

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I am afraid that you are re-inventing the wheel. Oracle's BIComposer has a taskflow that does just that and more, out of the box, for any custom web application implemented using ADF, but you might have to upgrade.

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